Privacy Policy

The primary mission of the privacy policy being provided on this website is to connect buyers and sellers of any kind of business around the globe. To make this happen from the company end, we would make all kinds of services that would assist the buyers to understand the type of services being provided by the company at the same time.

We protect our information and this would be carried out by carefully collecting the information like user server address and other stuff. This information would be carried out in the desired database and we have an automatic tool that would help in classifying the information based on the requirement. The same tool would alert us if there is any kind of hacking or other related stuff being encountered by the website.

We collect the information when you access the website or participate in the process with the same website. The website would allow you to create an account with us and this would involve collecting primary information of the visitor like person name and email address. Sometimes, it would also create an account with the help of their LinkedIn profile or other social media profiles being listed in the market. This would help in identifying the visitor at any point in time and would record their information in the database as well. However, the information is recorded in the database will not be shared with other people.

We will not share the information with other third party sources for promoting their products or services. We use cookies to have increased kinds of security being accessed by the people at any point in time. We do not rely on the direct marketing process with other third party sources at any point in time. We are maintaining this to improve the type of services being provided by the company.